Our Development Process...

We will develop you online project
in 4 transparent steps...

1. Discovery

Here we set up the stage for your project...

2. Content

Here we put all content in place...

3. Structure

Here we find a unique story...

4. Development

Here is where magic comes...


Discovery Call

During the discovery call we will concentrate on defining the vision for your project. At this stage we will also look into project structure and special functions like online booking or third party services integration. 


After discovery call we will send you a proposal outlining the scope of the project. That includes timeline, budget, revisions and everything else that is needed to complete your project.


Once the proposal is accepted by you, will send you a website questionnaire and dive deeper in to your project needs.


At this stage we will set up a 1 hour video call during which we will walk you through the entire development process. We will also introduce you to our communication flow and show you the way, how we going to communicate. From this point onward you will be able to monitor and sigh off every step in our development process. ​


Site Map

At this stage we will develop a detail list of all pages your project needs. We will also define the most intuitive navigation structure and evaluate your visitors interactions by diving into your website analytics. 

Content Pull

We will pull your old website content and save it in the project folder placed in the Google Drive.

Google Drive

We will set up a specific folder inside the google drive where all your project files will live. You will be a able to drag and drop all your files and easily pass it over to us. 

Text & Images

We will expect you to take the responsibility for delivering all texts and images for your project to us. In case you need help with copywriting, we can point you to the right people. As a part of the service will give you an access to our own image library with 1000+ of stock images and graphics free of charge…

Structure & WireFrame

Content Structure

We are really great at visual story telling. We will help you to develop a content strategy to engage your visitors and optimise visitors flow…

Wire Frame Website

At this stage we will build a fully functional wireframe website with placeholders for text and images. This wireframe version of your website will include all pages and navigation links. The goal here is to test functionality and user flow.​


This is our first main review session during which we will go over wireframe functionality and check if we are happy with the information flow. Unlike the ordinary reviews sessions that takes place over our CRM system this review session will take place over video call so we can face-to-face go over each step. Only until we are 100% happy we will move to the next stage…

Design & Development


Now we are ready to replace the wireframe placeholders with real text, images and graphics. We will pay attention to aesthetics and overall feel according to your brand style guides…

Design Review

At this stage we will go over the design of each page. If we are 100% happy we will move forward. If not, we will get back to the design stage…


Once the design is ready, we will integrate all additional functionality like: newsletters , pop-ups form, booking, calendars and populate it with content…

Mobile Responsive

We will optimise your website so it works perfectly across all mobile devices. We will also run our quality control and test all functionality….


We will provide you with video tutorials on how to update all aspects of the site…


At this stage the website is ready to go live. We will move it from our development environment and move it to your domain…

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